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Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces
If you are planning to build a home or remodel an existing room, a fireplace can accentuate that special room and give you the look and feel you've been wanting. With the new technology and products available, especially in precast man-made stone, a fireplace can be built not only cost effectively, but according to your desired shape, color and design.  The Pros Source has been designing and installing custom and prebuilt fireplaces for over 10 years.  We can turn your vision into a reality.
Pizza Ovens
Firerock Pizza Oven

The Pros Source uses a high quality Pizza Oven manufactured by FireRock. The FireRock masonry material is professionally engineered to be strong, lightweight, and durable while reflecting maximum heat into the oven. Based on a proprietary mix of cement, pumice, and other materials, their fireboxes have been tested to withstand over 3000 PSI, 3 times stronger than our nearest competitor. That is why each fireplace comes with a 20 year warranty and a 100 year life expectancy. We will take their high quality pizza oven and put on it the stone of your choosing.
Firerock Pizza oven

The FireRock Outdoor Oven is the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen.
Made of the same proprietary insulating materials as our fireplaces, the wood fired outdoor oven can sustain temperatures of over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. 
Engineered to circulate heat for even cooking, this oven is perfect for pizzas,
meats, casseroles, and dozens of other dishes.
Outdoor Living
In today's homes, the backyard has truly become an extension of your living space. We are your complete source for custom designed outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and pizza oven's. We also can create that perfect extended space with paver patios and protect you from the elements with a custom built pool cabana or screened room enclosure. Whether you love to entertain family and friends, or just want a personal backyard retreat, we have the knowledge, experience and professional design skills to turn your desires into reality.
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