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Wood Flooring

Tiger WoodIf you're looking to complement your furnishings, then wooden flooring's richness and warmth makes for a great counterpart to your belongings. Choosing hardwood flooring means you have access to a wide variety of materials and colors of wood, so finding the right flooring has never been easier. Another reason why so many opt for hardwood floors is because they are among the easiest floor types for which to care. Your floor won't just bring your home a little bit more in charm and beauty, but lower costs in caring for them. Many have found hardwood floors pay off themselves - and give back - in the long run when compared to other types of floors.

Of all the home improvements one can make, installing wood flooring is among the best and most wise decisions, as they add beauty and value to your home. Once you've installed wood floors, you will find your home undergoes an aesthetic rejuvenation. Here are four of the biggest benefits to installing wooden floors:

Hickory Floor
Your home will not only appear much more valuable than it used to be, but your home's resale value will increase. The quality products of natural wood cost a bit more than the usual tile or mosaic flooring products, but won't need replaced in five years time like tiles or carpeting because their looks become dull and drab. Hardwood floors will give you back double the money you spend on them, which is not always the cause with tile or carpet floors.

Do you want your home to be stylish, comfortable, modern, attractive and appealing? Once you install hardwood floors, you'll find all these components come together in a big way. Since wood is of different colors and kinds, you are sure to find floors you'll love, no matter the type of wood you choose. In the end, your rooms will be all the more gorgeous.

Oak HardwoodOne of the best benefits, especially for pet owners and parents, is that wooden floors are far more durable than their other flooring brethren. Your room can appear to be ruined if sauce or anything else is spilled on your carpet, but with wooden flooring, all you have to do is wipe it away. Hardwood floors are made to handle everyday life, so your kids and pets won't have to worry you with cleaning issues.

If any members of your household suffer from allergies, then wooden flooring will help in this battle. Many allergists recommend wood floors for healthy homes, as there is less of a chance of dirt, dust or abrasive sand accumulation.

There are wide ranges of flooring options available in the market today. A flooring option that gives you the benefit of durability, beauty with relatively cheaper prices is tile and stone flooring. Tile and stone flooring or more specifically, ceramic and porcelain, are the most popular options these days as they offer superior durability and virtually unlimited design and style choices.

You will not run out of options with ceramic tile flooring as it comes in a variety of patterns, sizes and colors. There is a wide variety of porcelain, marble, granite, glass and natural stone tiles avaialble in many different styles. Sometimes this availability of options may seem a bit overwhelming, but once you've filtered your options by color, size and application you're bound to be left with the perfect tile.

The PROS Source Tile FloorThere are many different types of tile and stone and they are generally classified by composition or manufacturing process. Quarry tiles are made by extrusion of shale or natural clay (from a quarry), natural stone is literally cut pieces of natural stone (or loose stone), while most mosaic tiles, floor tiles and wall tiles are manufactured. Manufactured glass, porcelain and ceramic tiles are the most popular as they can be created in such a wide variety of shapes, colors, and designs. 

We are not a supplier of tile or stone flooring.  However, we can help you choose the one that is perfect for you and our team of experts will install it for you.
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