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Stone HomeThe PROS Source uses Coronado Stone for their manufactured stone, brick and tile projects. Coronado Stone has been manufacturing the highest quality, most innovative and most realistic manufactured stone products in the United States since 1960. From its humble beginning by a master natural stone mason in Southern California, Coronado Stone Products are now sold throughout the United States and the world. This Master Stone Mason, Melton Bacon, is still involved in the day-to-day research and development of all Coronado products manufactured by the facilities strategically located throughout the United States. These multiple facility locations are proof that Coronado will allocate the necessary resources to effectively provide our products to meet the growing demands of our valued customers.

Coronado Stone has become the benchmark in developing the most realistic, user friendly and affordable stone products in the industry. By making Coronado Stone easy to install, the overall beauty of the finished product is enhanced, and by making it affordable as compared to itsí natural counterpart your experience with Coronado Stone products will be fulfilling. The quality of our products is what drives us to improve within every aspect of our industry: Availability, Affordability, User Friendliness, and Authenticity.

FireplaceCoronado Stone products are lightweight, man-made, veneers designed to replicate natural stone and conventional brick. Coronado selects a variety of natural stone styles and textures which are then shaped and sized to fit a certain pattern. Molds of the completed pattern are made and then the natural stone appearance is recreated using lightweight concrete and mineral pigments down to the finest detail. Coronado prides itself on producing the most natural looking manufactured stone in the world. Unlike some other manufactured veneer products Coronado uses only natural materials to produce their products. They use lightweight aggregates, mined, mineral pigments and Portland cement to produce their stone nothing synthetic so that the structure it is applied to can breathe naturally.

All of the products are pre-cut and shaped during the process of creating the pattern. Which means less work to the end user because the nominal sizes, both in dry fit only and mortar joint patterns, have already been created. All that is required are basic cut-to-fit alterations.

Coronado Stone Products only weigh about 8 lbs. per square foot which means that its application possibilities are tremendous. There are no footers, ledges, lintels or extra foundational supports required to support the product. Therefore, Coronado Products can be installed on just about any rigid structure with no added cost for support design or construction not to mention the increased design possibilities.
The PROS Source Stone Wall
Coronado has designed their products to be maintenance free by including integral waterproofing agents, water reducers, air entrainment and compressive strength admixtures to the mix design so that the end user doesnít have to worry with maintenance. These design features also provide Coronado to offer a 40 year warranty on all of their vertical veneers. However, Coronado Products are 100% masonry veneers and will except any type of masonry sealer on the market which adds confidence, security and at times beauty to the finished product.

Coronado maintains all aspects of the production process in-house. They warehouse not only the finished product, but also all the raw materials to produce that finished product. This all inclusive planning and execution allows Coronado to have the product inventory on hand, no matter the demand, to meet your lead time restraints. From harvesting the natural product counterpart to mold making technology to constructing their own packaging Coronado has the capability to produce the quantity and quality products that our customers demand.

Whether your project requirements are residential or commercial, interior or exterior, a small fireplace accent or the major architectural focus on the entire structure, Coronado Stone Products has all of the diversity in products needed to accomplish the task. From 90 degree outside corners to show a full thickness products in all their styles to accessory stones, window and opening accent stones, wainscot watertable sills, keystones, hearthstones and floor, patio and walkway coverings, Coronado has a product for all your design solutions.
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